Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 122--August 27, 2013

One lane wooden bridge on the Cassier Hwy
held our 50,000 pounds just fine
         We left Jade City around 9:00 am and drove along a two-lane road for hours.  Beautiful scenery and long stretches of nothing but wilderness. 
Cassier Highway
More Cassier Beautiful scenery

          We’ve eaten quite a few of our meals in the bus, but once in a while I just want something different.
We stopped at a roadside café, store and post office.  Everything smelled so good I decided to sit down and order lunch.  I really wanted breakfast since it was well after noon and I hadn’t eaten yet, but we were too late for breakfast.  I ordered baked spaghetti with meatballs.  It came in a nice casserole dish, hot, covered with melted cheese and garnished with fresh blueberries.  Different, but very good. 

          I ate by myself while Richard went to the bus to have his usual lunch.  Sorry if I’ve already mentioned this, but trust me it never changes.  He had one thin slice of deli roasted turkey (no smoke, no honey baked, no peppered, just ONE thin slice of roasted turkey), 1 slice of Kraft American Cheese (individually wrapped, not deli sliced, no other variety).  The turkey and cheese are placed on one slice of bread spread with olive oil mayo, then he bends it in the middle and BAM!! folds that sucker in half, grabs him about a cup of cheese puffs and a glass of iced tea.  For dessert, he takes two Oreo cookies (count them, one, two) then places one Sausalito cookie between them and eats it like a cookie sandwich.  Just keep in mind, I am out here in the wilderness totally alone with this man.  I am a lucky woman, don’t you know?

          I put chicken thighs and legs with seasoning in the slow cooker.  A little while ago, I took out the chicken and added rice.  It should be done when we stop for the night, which shouldn’t be much longer.  I hope so, smelling that chicken cooking all afternoon sure does make a body hungry.

          We’ve had 12 bear sightings along the road today.  One mama had 3 cubs, another had two.  They almost got hit by a car that passed us at a high rate of speed.  Mama had one baby on one side of the road and the other on the other side.  She ran back to get the one and they almost got hit.  By the time we actually got to them, they were climbing the back side of a tree.  We did get a picture of one that ran in front of us and then went up the hill and looked back at us as if to say, “Nana nana boo boo.”  I shot him.  With the camera that is.

          We still have 2-3 days left in O! Canada.
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  1. Good luck at your next border crossing....And stay away from the bears. But the diner sounded good.

  2. I'm so jealous! The scenery along the Cassiar is awesome and more than made up for the terrible road conditions in 1997. Enjoy.