Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 121--August 26, 2013

I’ve talked about the many, many lodges along the roads throughout Canada and Alaska.  They are never just a LODGE.  Oh, heaven forbid.  They remind me of something I heard comedian Ron White say one time.
I heard some of you gasp.  I know he has a filthy mouth, but for some strange reason, I don’t usually hear the curse words.  What I do hear are things coming from a mind that works like mine.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I digress
Ron White once told of being on an airplane the size of a pack of gum.  Why this routine comes to mind every time I see a lodge up here in the far northwest is because Ron (pardon me--I feel so close to his way of thinking that I think we should be on a first-named basis) said where he took off from was the airport, hair salon, and tire center.
All the lodges up here serve multiple purposes.  For example, Eagle Plains Hotel-restaurant, lounge, gift shop, showers, service station, diesel, propane, aviation gas and JP4.  Very busy place.
Another one lists:  Fossil Hunting, flush toilets (my personal favorite), friendly bar,   breakfast for guests and brick-oven pizzas.
Alaskan Gifts—Ice cream—Health foods.
RV park-gas-car/rv wash-tire sales-tire repairs-oil changed.
BTW, the tire industry is BIG up here.  Tire centers are everywhere.  As a matter of fact, Canada has Canadian Tire Store.  They have many locations and are a big rival for Wal-mart and Sams.  They have anything and everything you can imagine.  Oh yeah, inside a small area of the ginormous store is where they deal with tires.
At the Gold Hill in Ester, Alaska-wines-meads-beer-Delta meats-moosetards & chips.  Drive thru coffee and sandwiches.
I believe there was a post office here too.
Burnt Paw, Tok, Alaska---Dog sled and equipment-cabin rentals-books.
Midnight Sun Emporium-Cuban Cigars-Yukon jewelry-moose hair tufting-mastodon ivory.
I have one more to tell you, then I want to tell you about one of the tours offered at one of the lodges.
The Other Place I think that was located in Otter Creek.  They had a small building next to the campground/fuel station/café/ hotel.  Inside that small building they have clerical services, gift shop and DMV.
Clerical services, gifts, DMV
Many lodges have tours by land, sea, or air.  My favorite is Bucket List Tours.  They can take you to Yellowknife, home of the Ice Road Truckers.  Fly with ice pilots aboard a vintage DC3 Buffalo (?) plane.  Cruise with local commercial fishermen.  Walk rare salt plains in Wood Buffalo National Park.  Lunch at Virginia Falls, which are twice the height of Niagara Falls.  Travel lands few people have ever traveled.
To my cousin, Sandy, I have signed you and me up for this when we come back in 2017.   Gather your fur-lined parka and Mukluks.  I’ll be coming for ya!!
Still in Canada.  Hopefully, only 3 more days and we will be in Washington State.  Just as a side note, last night we didn’t have any of the 3 things we need to keep our lives happy.  Tonight we have perfect Internet, but no phone and no television.
Moose cow on side of road between our camp and
Lyle's house
Until next time, (whenever that happens to be)


  1. It does, Skye. We also passed a new one for me-creperies. We were going too fast to stop. I would have loved to have checked that one out.