Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 104 & 105--August 9-10, 2013

          We are having so much fun and, with all the things we are doing and seeing, time is going way too fast.
          Yesterday, we arrived in Cooper Landing.  After we got settled, we went for a drive and then ended up at the Princess Wilderness Lodge where we ate dinner, and the gang threw some darts.


          The boys have played in kids matches.  They are pretty good.
          Today we ate breakfast at the Gwin Roadhouse.
Drew eating his sourdough pancakes
Happy fellow

We gathered the gear for salmon fishing in the Russian River.  It's really a lot of fun watching the young ones wading out about 10' into the water, cast their lines, and hope for the big one.  They didn't catch anything, but they had fun.

Tiffany, Jey, Drew and Ty headed out to catch the big one

We stopped for lunch at a artisan pizza hut.  I thought it was really good and I bought pizza dough to make S'mores Pizza for dessert for tonight  Everyone thought it was yummy!!

Jey, Drew, Ty and Tiffany waiting for pizza to be delivered
at the outside picnic table.
Jey eating pizza

Tonight we went for a ride to Rainbow/Russian Lakes.  Very pretty place.
Rainbow/Rusian Lake
Tiffany with Drew's Moose hat.  LOL
Two of my favorite pictures
Drew and Ty with the puppies

Drew and Ty filling a big seat
Until next time,


  1. Looks like everyone is having a blast.

  2. We are having the best time ever. Each family is different and so much fun. It's all gone by way too fast.