Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 118--August 23, 2013

          One of the things Alaska introduced me to in 1997 was express coffee shacks.  Think free-standing Starbucks in well . . . shacks.  Some are really rustic. Some are brightly colored.  Some are open most of the time.  Some are opened when they want to.
          Back then was when I was introduced to steamers.  You drive up to either side of the mini building, which usually sits in an abandon or active parking lot.  You order whatever coffee creation you want and the barista hands your hot or cold creation through a window.  You may also get a muffin as big as my head or a cinnamon roll as big as my a**.
          My favorite always was (and still is) a steamer.  They heat and froth milk and give it a shot of any kind of flavor you might like.  I like mine with honey or a shot of caramel.
          On this trip to Alaska, the number of coffee shacks is mind boggling.  They are everywhere.  They are decorated differently and have some of the most creative names imaginable.  I didn't actually take the pictures of the ones I'm posting here only because I never thought about taking pictures of them.  I just pull up to the window, order and anxiously await to feel the heat warming my hands and the flavor to ease over my taste buds.
A Cup on the Run
          Since it is only 8:45 pm here, I think I'll post this and get Richard to take me down to North Star Java for a milk and honey steamer.  It's a great sleep aid.
Jammin' Java

Tasha's Natte Latte
Peak a Brew

Java the Hut

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  1. Love it! What a colorful, fun tradition.

  2. Love them! Do you know if Cinnamon Cache is still in business? It's on the road to Skagway from Whitehorse. It's not a shack, but they served coffee, tea, and incredible cinnamon buns ("best buns in the Yukon" they claimed LOL).

  3. I don't know about that one. We never made it to Skagway this trip.