Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 106-107--August 11 & 12, 2013

          These last two days have been  ffffaaaasssstttt moving.  Almost as fast as the swift waters of the Kenai River that runs in front of our bus.
          Even though it has rained everyday since Tiffany arrived, we were still able to do things we had planned to do.  We didn't get to walk through the Russian Village in the City of Kenai, but we did drive through it.  Since it was Sunday, the little cafe was closed.  They serve gourmet sandwiches and wonderful bakery goods like Hawaiian Carrot Cake which is to die for. 
Veronica's Coffee House Menu

          We settled for McDonald's which made everyone happy since we hadn't seen anything resembling a fast-food place in a few days.
          Back at the campground in Cooper Landing, Tiffany and Jey went for a boat ride down the Kenai River.  The rain never let up, but they still had a good time.  Saw no bears, but lots of eagles.
Tiffany and Jey ready for float trip

And they are off.  They are on the left side of the boat
facing toward us on shore

           While Richard and Drew went to pick them up, Ty helped me set up for Drew's 7th birthday party.  His isn't until the 23rd, but that is close enough for Grandma to want to celebrate with him in Alaska.  He was so surprised and excited.
Happy early birthday, Drew.  That smile says it all.

          On our way back to Anchorage for them to catch their plane home, we stopped at two places we didn't get to go to on our way to Seward because of the rain.  BTW, sun is out.  First time in six days.  We made a quick trip back through the wildlife reserve hoping the bears were out.  They were.  So they boys got to see two brown bears and two black bears.  Jey grabbed a reindeer sausage at the snack shop.  He said it tasted like regular sausage. 
          We took them through the Whittier Tunnel.  While they went through the gift shops and got ice cream, I moseyed on over to my favorite fudge shop, bought my little piece of maple nut fudge, went out to the picnic table that overlooks the Whittier harbor on Prince Williams Sound.  I talked to my friend Vickie back in Jacksonville.  Soon I heard the boys chattering as they were walking up the street toward me and PaPa was following behind in the van.  Our time in Whittier was over.  We had to make the trip through the tunnel then or wait another hour for the traffic pattern to reverse.
Beautiful blue iceberg in water near Whittier Tunnel entrance.

          Their plane was supposed to leave at 8:30, but didn't take off until 9:01.  The boys had a big day and I figure they'll sleep most of the way home.  At least I hope so because Mom and Jey were worn out too
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