Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 34--May 31, 2013

     It's been a long week, but I'm glad I was able to be in my hometown (Morgantown, WV) to be with my sister and her family when they buried her daughter, Chrissy.  Nancy and Rick (sister and b-i-l) are doing as well as can be expected.
      Richard and I decided instead of going back to Minnesota to enter Canada, we would go straight north from Morgantown, through Niagara Falls into Ontario.  We will do that tomorrow and then we will head west along the top of the Great Lakes.  We have never seen that part of Canada.  I'm excited about seeing new places.  I'll let you know tomorrow night how the trip through customs goes.  Some of you have heard the stories we've faced at the border.  Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly this time.
     I've taken some pictures during this past week, which sorta sums up some of the things we did.  Hope you enjoy them.

Until next time,

Blackberry bushes blooming in my sister's yard.
Rhododendron (WV state flower) at its finest.
Knock out roses Richard planted in Nancy's
Flower bed.  He planted two, one from him and me
and one from our cousin Sandy.  They were both loaded
with blooms.
This is for Walker Norman.   That white thing in the
distance is the WVU Coliseum
Home of the Mountaineers
My sister near her daughter's grave site
Beautiful tree.
I am standing next to Chrissy's final resting place.
If I walked straight ahead, over the knoll for about
a half a mile, I would be in the backyard of the home
where Chrissy lived with her family for several years.
They will be able to ride there on the golf cart.  From the
point where I am standing there is a 360-degree panoramic view. 
So peaceful and beautiful.


  1. A bittersweet week. Lovely flowers and flowering trees and a gorgeous resting place for eternity. Godspeed through customs. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the new territory you will be covering.
    Love, hugs and prayers

  2. I've heard the "crossing the border" stories, and I sure hope you can do it this time without can complications. That rhododendron is absolutely gorgerous. Since we had them in NY State, I've seen them before, but none with so many flowers. Stunning. As always, I'm looking forward to the stories of your trips through new territory. Have a fun!

  3. Lovely pictures, Dolores. The rhododendrons my folks had in Chicago never looked like THAT. WOW! Hope you have good travels and no problems at the border. Take care and enjoy.