Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 24--May 21, 2013

          We spent the day in the repair shop to have the water pump replaced and a seal put on the axle.  We left there about an hour ago.  (It's 9:00 pm)  Richard and I had a fairly peaceful day.  He stayed out of the mechanic's way, which is sometimes hard for him.  He napped most of the afternoon. 
          The weather was so nice, and we only had to put the rear of the bus into the bay.  So, we opened the windows and had a nice breeze going. I watched the television about the tornado most of the morning.  It just torn my heart out to see how quickly lives could be lost or changed forever.  I turned it off and worked on trying to figure out exactly what I should be writing at this point.
          Mostly I napped and exercised.  That's right.  I exercised.  I dozed off in the recliner several times.  Just as I would get into a deep sleep, the loud sound of an air wrench would violently yank me from my sleep.  Faster than you can say Boo, I would jump out of the recliner, (yes I said jumped and you would have, too).  I would assume my best karate stance only to realize no one meant me any harm. 
          I would then ease back into the recliner, and hope with all my heart the mechanic didn't see me through the open windows and didn't hear me growl my karate call--yaaahaa!!  I went through this about three times, then I decided it was time to give up the nap idea before I seriously hurt something.  I have a feeling I'm going to have sore muscles in the morning, because I know I used some that have long been forgotten.
          We should be stopping shortly at the Missouri/Iowa border in a rest area where we can assume our positions--Richard sleeping like a baby.  Me standing guard.
           My thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and their families of Moore, Oklahoma.

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