Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 26--May 23, 2013

                                                        Minneapolis, Minnesota Skyline
 Taken from our car while we were in 5 o'clock traffic
The most fun I've had in a while.  NOT!!
          Today was my big day at the Mall of America.  It was very chilly when we first went outside.  I was glad the mall was under one roof and not like the two new malls we have in Jacksonville--individual stores.
          We parked in the west parking lot and entered through Nordstrom.  I had to warn Richard not to touch anything and to use his inside voice when he screeched at the $250 scarf I was looking at. 
          We started in one place and worked counter-clockwise around the first of four levels.  We had pep in our steps.  I made a quick stop at Teavana's and sampled some yummy tea.  About twenty minutes later, we found a giant LEGO store.  Ty loves Legos.  I called and asked him if there was a set he had been wanting.  He told me, and we asked a clerk.  While he rang up the sale, Richard took pictures of the giant Lego displays made into dragons and helicopters.   Shortly, we were on our way again lugging a Lego space shuttle and space center.
          Richard kept asking me what that was he had just taken out a loan on, and I kept trying to explain that they were those little plastic blocks that he was constantly stepping on when our kids were little.  Finally, he remembered what they were and reminded me he didn't know them by LEGOs because he had always called them something else, which I won't mention here.
          We rode the escalator to the second level.  With a little less pep in our step, we started the same tactics as level 1.  Soon we rethrought that strategy and started looking at the brochure listing the names of the stores.  We picked out stores we really wanted to see. 
          Any of you who have been to my house know that I have a bedroom converted to a Butler's Pantry where I store all the things I use when I'm entertaining.  I even have a brass plate on the door with Butler's Pantry inscribed on it.  But you also know that Richard calls it my As Seen On TV room.  In all fairness, that is a good description.  I love, love, love as seen on TV stuff.  If you ever want to know if something works before you lay out the money for it, just email me.  I can probably tell you for sure.
          So imagine how thrilled I was to discover, an As Seen On TV store.  It was a big store, filled with lots of stuff.  Most of which, I am already the proud (or not so proud) owner of.  I now own a pair of Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure insoles.  Who knew there was such a thing, or that I really needed some of them?  I bought two pairs of Miracle Socks.  I already have a pair of these little beauties, and I highly recommend them.  They keep the swelling down and help the circulation in my legs when I am traveling.  Richard insisted I get more, because he felt I should wash the ones I'd been wearing since I left home a little more often.  He is soooo funny.   His big buy in that store was an Electronic Bug Zapper.  We will need that in Alaska. 

            Me in my Happy Place
          We did about a third of level 3 and only one store on level 4.  That was a GNC store and I was trying to find something like Red Bull to help us find the strength to get back to the car. 
          In the middle of the mall is a massive amusement park.  Roller coaster.  Flume rides.  Flying swings.  You name it, it was there.  We passed on all of that. 


Until next time,


  1. What a fantastic place! Sounds like you had enough shopping to last the rest of your trip. Or maybe the rest of the year? My inquisitive mind is busy trying to puzzle out what Richard calls Legos and I think I need a pair of those socks!

    1. What he called the Legos is not fit to print. LOL

  2. I know you had to be in Heaven in that As Seen on TV store. LOL And yes, folks, she really does have a butler's pantry.

  3. DJ, have you been to the mall in Edmonton, AB? It sounds very similar.

  4. Cheri, we have been in the one in Edmondton and it is on our itinerary for this time, too. Although the Mall of America was a super place, the one in Edmondton impressed me more. They had so many speciality store you don't see other places. My favorite there was a huge Oriental market with types of food I had never heard of. I spent a lot of time looking over the vegetables and reading the cards with them to see how they would be fixed and served. You know that was a paradise to me. LOL We plan to stay a couple of days there.