Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 19--May 16, 2013

          This will be a short post.  I had a bittersweet day.  Jeannie and I shopped at an awesome place called Sandstone Gardens.  I asked if the palatial building, that housed room after room of home decor and garden accessories, had been built as a mansion.  The clerk said no, that it was built for the purpose they are using it.
         They also have a restaurant, which reminded me of a French bistro I've seen in many pictures.  We shopped until our table was ready.  I had lasagna, salad and strawberry shortcake.  First dessert I'd had in a couple of days.  Tasted good.  With the music softly playing and the tables set as it would be for a high tea, it was a relaxing atmostphere, perfect for visiting with Jeannie.
          Today, I took a few pictures of the rebuilding process of Joplin, devastated by the EF 5 tornado on May 22, 2011.  Tomorrow night, I'll tell you my Joplin/Tornados story and I'll post some of the pictures I am taking.
           On the bitter part of the bittersweet day, please send positive thoughts and prayers to my sister, Nancy Swanger and her family in Morgantown (Hilderbrand community), West Virginia.  Her oldest child and only daughter (mother of 3 school-aged children) Christina (Chrissy) Swanger Stone, has terminal cancer tumors in her intestines and pancreas. 
          They admitted her to the hospital today with several blood clots and was told the tumors were progressing faster than the doctors had predicted.  They suggested they give up on the treatments they had been doing.  (Chemo)  My sister is, of course, devastated, but she has to stay strong for the other members of the family who are being shattered by the fact they are losing their mother and wife.
          I've never been quite so lost as to what to do or say.  All I can do is ask my friends and family to pray for all of them to pass through each stage of the days ahead with a peaceful heart for what must be and an acceptance of what they can't change.

Until next time,


  1. So sorry to read this about Chrissy. Prayers for her and her family coming from our house, and cyber hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Thanks, Cheri. We all appreciate it.

  3. Dolores - I am so very sorry. The days and weeks ahead will be hard and more bitter than sweet for everyone. I will remember this young woman, her husband and children, and of course you and her mom in my prayers.

  4. Dolores,

    I am sorry to hear your news. You are all in my prayers. It's hard to see your family member with terminal cancer. We had hospice care for my mother that she got at home. They were wonderful caregivers and helped the family as well. Blessed be.

  5. I'm so sorry your niece is worse. My heart goes out to all of you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and pray that God gives everyone that peaceful heart.