Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 92--July 28, 2013

          Another great day.  While the gang went to the SeaLife Center in Seward, I packed a picnic lunch.  We then went to Exit Glacier.  We took out the food and started to sit down when we were attacked by a swarm of black flies.  We had to fix our plates and walk around to keep from being covered with them.  While they walked up the mountain path to the glacier, I sat in the Interpretation Center where there was air conditioning.  Did I mention it was very warm here today?  Back to breaking records for the hotest summer in a long time.  Anyway, even in the center, I would say I killed at least 50 black flies chewing on me.  {{{Shivers}}}
Travis, Chase and Brian piloting a boat at the SeaLife Center

Watching sea lions play

SeaLife Center


          We then went to the Mitch Seavey Dog Sled tours.  They all seemed to enjoy the ride.

Waiting for the musher to take them for a ride
 on the  dog-pulled cart
          We got home in time for dinner.  I baked scallops and we cooked some of the halibut Ryan had caught on the grill.  We had cheese grits and cracker salad.  Everyone is showered and ready for bed.  Grandma definitely is ready.

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