Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 74--July 10, 2013

         Today, I discovered that I am older than I think I am.  There is nothing that will show you how much energy you DON'T have until you have spent the entire day on the move with a five-year old.  Here's what we did today:
1.) Left Anchorage
2.) Stopped at Turnagain Arm where one of the world biggest and fastest tide (Bore Tide) comes in.
3.)  Visited the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, which consisted of walking a loop of over 1/2 mile to see Alaskan wildlife that had been injured or abandoned by its mother.  I know 1/2 mile doesn't sound like very far, but remember, I'm old.  LOL
4.) Went to Whittier.  A very unique experience.  I've been there several times, but it still blows me away.
5.) By midafternoon we had driven a total of 120 miles and arrived at our campground in Seward where we will be for the next four night.
6.) Richard, Brody, and I crashed for a late afternoon nap.  Ryan and Heather explored the campground.
7.) We went to dinner on the marina in Seward. 
8.)  We did a little bit of driving around to see a few sights.
9.)  We came home and I washed a few dishes, while the rest of the crew took their showers.
10.) Just sat down to write my blog and realized my brain went to sleep a couple of hours ago, and I was just going through the motions of being awake/alive.

          There are several very neat facts about the above places.  I promise to tell about them tomorrow when my eyes will stay open.

Until next time,


  1. Hope you got a good night's sleep, my friend. Rest is important for us seniors!

  2. I guess her eyes haven't stayed open long enough after Brody goes to sleep.....