Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 91--July 27, 2013

          Really tired today and I didn't even go on any of the excursions.  We dropped Brian, Samantha, Chase and Travis off to go on the wildlife cruise and to eat at the Salmon Bake on Fox Island.  Then Richard and I went across the street to my favorite fruit-of-the-forest pie place and ate lunch.  After that, we managed to drag ourselves back to the bus.  Richard went down for his nap.  I sat down to watch a little television.  The next thing I knew, it was thirty minutes from the time we needed to go back into town to pick up the gang from their 4 1/2 hour cruise.  Yes, we had managed to sleep almost 3 hours.  I told you I was tired.
          The captain of boat told them they were witnessing something he had never seen before.  Orcas and humpbacks were swimming together and jumping out of the water.  She got some great videos of them, but I don't have a copy of it to post here.  I did get a few still pictures she has taken today.  When Tiffany and her gang come up in about ten days, it will be time for me to go on the wildlife-Fox Island cruise and I hope to have lots of whale pictures to post.
Orcas and humpbacks

  Here are a few pictures Samantha took of the boys around the campground and on the boat.

Travis on Fox Island
Chase at glacier-fed creek at campground

Chase and Trapper Travis going bear hunting
Came back with a zip-lock baggy of moose poop

Grandpa Wilson and Co-pilot Travis

Brian, Travis, and Chase on the boat

          For dinner tonight, I took hamburger and made patties and then wrap two of them in wax paper.  I wrote "Moose Burger for Chase" and "Moose Burger for Travis."  Travis looked at it and said, "It looks suspiciously like hamburger."  Love it!
          They are out around the campfire right now making S'mores.  I'm writing my blog so I can go on to bed.      

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