Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 68--July 4, 2013

          Hope you all had a great day.  Richard and I had a very nice day.  The race up Mount Marathon went well.  The youth winners were Lyon Kipsack (I think he is 17 years old).  His time was 27:03.  And Allison Ostrander (I think she was 16 or 17).  Her time 31:40.  Women's winner-- Christy Marvis with 53:20.  Male winner--Eric Strabel with 42:55.   It seems like there weren't as many racers this years as before.  There were a total of 211 finishers.  103 females.  108 males.  Average time 53:37.
500 pound brown bear crossing road ahead of us
On the way to Seward
          We only went down into Seward for a short time.  It's been around 48 degrees and drizzling rain all day.  We went back late in the evening to catch the firework show.  Since it doesn't get dark until midnight, that is when they usually set them off.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the memo.  Last night they had a Pasta Feed and fireworks display, while we were sleeping.  LOL.  Not sure which I hate missing the most--pasta? fireworks?  Oh, well.  I hope all of you saw beautiful fireworks in one way or another.
Flowers at Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Butt of about a 500 pound brown bear
on road as we left the Princess Lodge
          I've taken a few picture here and there that I wanted to post at some time or other.  Today is the day.  I hope you enjoy them.

Beautiful Lobella at Chena Hot Springs


Princess Wilderness Lodge

Bronze Eagle Princess Lodge
One of many view on road into Seward

View from Ray's Seafood Restaurant
Resurrection Bay

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

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  1. I LOVE that pole with all the flowers - what a lovely colorful display!

  2. Skye, they had another one just like it on the other side of the entrance door.