Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 84--July 20, 2013

          This blog has been interrupted by a mosquito, but I am back on the road and having a great time.  When last we met, our son Ryan, our d-i-l Heather, and their son, Brody had just arrived.  I have a lot to tell  you about the places we visited, but since we have three more times to do basically the same activities, I'll spread it out over the next three weeks.
          Some of the things we are doing for all 4 families, but some of the activities are customized for the different tastes of the people in the family.  Ryan, for instance, went out on a 12-hour cruise halibut fishing.  I don't think the other three will be interested in that.  He also went down on the Kenai and Russian Rivers to try his hand at salmon fishing.  They are what they call "between runs" which means very few salmon are in the rivers, but Ryan wanted to try it anyway.  We all rode to the ferry that takes them to the other side of the river where fishermen stand side by side and cast and cast and cast with the hope a big ol' salmon will bite their lures.
          We had Brody and we went back to the bus for a few minutes and picked up Heather from the Hutch B&B, then headed back to the ferry to watch Marlin Perkins in the wild.
          As we pull into the parking lot, we were surprised to see the ferry just docking on our side of the river and it was loaded to the gills with people.  We thought, what the heck, did the fish go home?  As it turns out, a big brown bear with her cub was walking along the edge of the water terrifying the men and women fishing.  Some people stayed on the other side and braved the dangers around them.  We watched for at least 20 minutes as the bear forced the people to climb hills, climb stairs, and drop their stringers of fish to keep from being lunch for the bears.  I tried to take pictures, but all I had was my phone and it wouldn't zoom in close enough.
          Below are some of the pictures we took while Ryan, Heather and Brody were here.  They aren't in any kind of date order and don't have details about the places, but I'll tell you a little about them as the others come for their visits.
Ryan took this picture from the sled he and Heather and
Brody were riding on being pulled by sled dogs.
Ryan and Brody on the path to Exit Glacier
Notice he is scratching mosquitos
Heather and Brody in the kennel of the Ididaride Sled Dog Tour
Ryan and Heather chillin' on the wildlife cruise

Me at three-quarters of a mile up the path at Exit Glacier.  This was the only wide and flat place
on the path.  The rest was narrow and rocky and did I mention very steep.
That is the van you see in the distance.  This is me almost running
to the van after coming down the path at Exit Glacier.
Taken on wildlife cruise
Heather, Brody, Ryan and me
at a rest stop on Turnagain Arms.
Ryan with his haliburt and yellow eye fish.
Ryan and Brody just before daddy went on the
ferry to catch salmon
Ferry crossing the river to bear land
Brody at the Sealife Center where he actually touched
sea urchins and starfish.
Brody at the aquarium watching sea lions swim
Bear in the garbage.  Ryan took this from the balcony
just outside their B&B room
Heather looking a lot better than I did after she
came down the path from the Exit Glacier
Brody's Ranger badge he earned on the wildlife cruise
Papa and Brody cheesing it up for the camera
Do you see a strong resemblance?
Brody in front of some kind of plant that we later found out
had thorns under it that were poison.  We'll sacrafice anything
for a photo opt.  LOL


Brody, Ryan, and Heather eating at a salmon bake on
Fox Island.  A special stop during the wildlife cruise of
Resurrection Bay.  They had prime rib, salmon and crab legs.

          Be sure to check back to learn a little about the places I've mentioned above.  I should be back on a daily posting schedule again.
Until next time,


  1. I'm still wondering about that mosquito reference.....

  2. We took a wildlife cruise from Seward. It was fabulous, although we did have some choppy water. The salmon bake on an island (no electricity) was fun, too. I don't remember the name of the island, but this was 16 years ago. LOL

  3. I think that is funny that we were here together 16 years ago and didn't know each other. Even before we met the acted like twins. LOL