Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Today was a moving day.  We moved from Dallas to Lampapas.  Along the way we stopped in the small town of West, Texas.  There we found a place our friends have been visiting through the years.  Apparently, this is world famous.  It didn't take me long to figure out why.
      The Czech Stop has been promoting the Czech Heritage spirit so popular in the small town of West, Texas. We parked and walked a couple of blocks to the bakery and kolache shop.  People were lined way back into a long aisle.
     You cannot name a kolache they didn't have.  I felt lightheaded just looking at all the good things.
I could never list all they had, but if you are interested check out their menu.  They also ship (but not in the summer months).
     The town of West, Texas was in the news last year.  On April 17, 2013, a fertilizer plant, West Fertilizer Company, on the north side of town that stored ammonium nitrate, which is used as an explosive, caught fire and exploded.  The fire triggered two explosions very close together.  15 people died, including 12 first responders, and injured at least 200.  Schools, an apartment complex, and a nursing home were destroyed.  Hundreds of homes in the surrounding area were damaged.
     The explosion measured as a 2.1 magnitude earthquake.  A month later, an investigation ruled the cause of the explosion undetermined because there were several possible causes that couldn’t be ruled out.  Possibilities include arson, an electrical glitch or a golf cart that overheated.
     I searched the Internet and found recipes for kolaches made at another Czech bakery also in West, Texas.  I will be making them for our next concert later in the fall.

Until later,

Apricot Kolaches


  1. If you truly love us, you could make some kolaches for the next chapter meeting. PLEASE? I've never had them, but they look delicious. See you in a few days. ((hugs))

  2. So sorry I missed this last night. I got my copy edits back and wanted to get them taken care of before I head out to Mass and then on to San Antonio so I focused on that. I'm with Elizabeth - they look delicious. I'll have to check out that menu. I remember the explosion - not in person of course, but I remember it being reported on the news. Awful. Safe travels.