Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texas Bound July 6--July 13, 2014

     We are on the road again.  For those of you who have followed us on some of our excursions like last summer's trip to Alaska, you know that Richard and I  usually travel for 2, 3, or 4 months during the summer. 
     This summer, we have started learning what old age really means.  A lot of people work hard their entire lives in anticipation of retirement.  Most people dream of traveling the world.  If only life really was that way.  sigh. Reality, at least for us, is at our age we now have to be home for doctor's visits and picking up all our meds.
     This year's trip will only be about a month.  So I will try to post at the end of every day just exactly what we are into.  I'll bring you up today:
July 6--We left late in the evening, headed west on I-10 on our way to Dallas.
July 7--I slept while Richard drove.  When we got to the campground, I went straight to bed.
July 8--Slept all day.  When we stopped went straight to bed.
July 9 thru July 12--Ditto!  Did I mention I was tired?
July 13--we arrived at the Sandy Lake Campground in Dallas where Jack and my bestest friend Jeannie were waiting for us.  They live in Joplin, Missouri, and their 2 children and 3 granddaughters live in Dallas and Flower Mount.  Their son and son-in-law are policemen and they were on duty Sunday evening, but their wives and one granddaughter went with us to dinner.  We ate at a family-style restaurant called Babe's Chicken.  It was beyond yummy. 
     I'd like to thank all of you who followed us last year and especially those who left comments.  It was like having my friends and family with me.  I'm proud to say I received over 12,000 hits on the site.  So, if you follow, let me know you are traveling with me.
     Starting tonight, I will post the activities of the day and you should be able to read it each morning.  I hope to be able to keep up with it the whole time we are gone.

Until later,


  1. You seem to in echoing some of what my last blog post was about - we wait to retire to do all this traveling and then find out we don't have the energy we did back when we were dreaming of the day. I've enjoyed my little piece of rustic paradise here in New Hampshire for years, but suddenly I've come to realize that all that rustic charm means WORK! My own bed seems far more comfortable than an air mattress in a tent even if it isn't going anywhere. At least your's is mobile. Enjoy the visit, and the rest.

  2. I'll be reading every day. I figure there will be some Bertie moments. LOL.

  3. I am absolutely reading your grand adventures. I'm addicted to the laughter endorphins!