Monday, July 21, 2014

Catchup time July 18, thru July 20, 2014

     Do you remember the part in National Lampoon's Vacation, where Clark robbed a hotel then tried to hurry his family along as fast as possible?  Remember when they were looking at the Grand Canyon and Clark gave about three nods, then hurried his family away?  That is about what you are getting from me.  Just nod and move on.  :-)
     Over the last three days, Richard and Jack did RV maintenance, napped and good stuff like that.  Jeannie and I had to face the arduous task of shopping and eating authentic German food.  Yes, it was rough, but someone had to do it.  Periodically, Jack and Richard joined us for site seeing and eating.
     In May1846, after their long journey from Germany, 120 men, women, and children began their lives in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Their hope of a prosperous future for themselves and their children encouraged them to endure the miseries of the trip and the hardships still to be faced.
      It was truly a hard challenge, but over 160 years later, the people of Fredericksburg celebrate the unique community they created.  They strived to maintain the culture and their values.
One of the log cabins at the Pioneer Museum

     We toured the Pioneer Museum.  As we visited, we traveled from the 1840’s to the 1920’s.  Most of the structures (smokehouse, barns, homes) had audio kiosks.  It was laid out very well and helped visitors to imagine the early settlers’ struggles to survive and preserve their German way of life.    It was an exciting museum.  Richard disappeared and I was sure he was checking out the old tools in the barn, honing his knowledge on the things pioneers had to work with.  So, different from the ones he uses. 
Here is a picture of where I found Richard.

Jack taking a quick break.

 Jeannie and I rode to the town of Kerrville about 30 miles from Fredericksburg.  They had a few novelty gift stores and a unique site.  We weren’t exactly sure where we were headed, but we rode for what seemed forever.  We finally agreed we missed a turn.  Things like that don’t bother me, because I can turn a car around like a pro.  Finally, we found this thing we were looking for.
     There it was, Stonehenge II.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

      I told Jeannie that I didn’t realize the long ride we had just taken was all the way to Jolly Ol' England.  TaDum.  Okay, not my best punchline, but we laughed. 
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  1. Again, another great blog. I love the photos of the pioneer days. Keep 'em coming