Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25, 2014 Day #3

     I had lunch with Marge, then attended a couple of workshops.  One about taming the social media beast.  I actually got some good ideas from it.  I attended one hour of a 2-hour workshop on homicide 101.  Did you know that not all homicides are murders?  Homicide means the killing of one person by another person.  It could be a self-defense killing.  Or, accidental killing like when someone steps off a curb and in front of an oncoming vehicle.  But they are all homicides.   It all made sense when the detective explained, but I had never thought about it.
     As a mystery writer, I decided there might be a lot of little facts I need to know.  A friend gave me a whole set of books about police procedures and crime scene investigations.  Thanks, Cheri Clark, aka Cheryl Norman.  So I decided I would do some major research with these books when I get home.  With that decision made, I ditched the second hour of the homicide workshop and spent the next 2 hours hanging out in the lobby between the bar and Starbucks.  I knew that would be the perfect place to find most of my friends.  :-)
     Tomorrow I will attend a couple of workshops in the early part of the day.  My publisher will be doing a "chat with Bell Books/Bell Bridge Books" and I'll attend to show support for Danielle Childers (Marketing) and Brenda Chin (editor). 
     I plan to get back to the bus around 2:00 and fix dinner for us and Jack and Jeannie.  Then Jeannie and I will be getting all dressed up to the Rita Awards Ceremony back at the hotel.  The Rita's are to the romance industry as the Oscars are to the movies.  It is always a gala affair and very exciting to watch the presentation of the trophy for the top book in one of the many genres of romance.
     Tomorrow night, I'll post pictures.  My fingers are crossed that my friend Beth Ciotta takes home her Rita statue. 

Rita Statues
It's on my bucket list to win one. :-)

Until later,

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  1. Picking out a space between Starbucks and the bar was an excellent place to wait for friends. Coffee or alcohol. LOL. Take lots more pictures. Are you allowed to take photos during the Ritas? Love reading your posts. Have a great time tomorrow night.