Monday, June 8, 2015

What I did on my summer vacation 2015

June 5 thru June 7, 2015
     I can’t believe we are in our fourth day of our summer vacation.  I blogged a little every day, but, for some reason, I couldn’t stay awake to post it.  So, I’m going to give you a cast of characters for this journey and then I’ll post the goings-on of the past three days.
     On this looooonnng vacation, we have:
Main members:
Richard (my dear husband)
Ty (11) (Tiffany’s oldest)
Drew (8) (Tiffany’s youngest)
Brody (7) (Ryan’s) 
Temporary Members for the Disney Adventure only
McKinley (5) (Jey’s daughter) 

Day #1 June 5, 2015

     Well, we certainly know how to time a vacation.  Right now we are sitting in 4:00 traffic, bumper-bumper, in Orlando.  So much fun.   While Richard drives, I usually sit at the table and do important computer work, or Facebook, or, whichever strikes my fancy.
     Over the last forty years, Richard’s hearing has become a little less than sharp.  We had McKinley with us (the others will be arriving later).  It was quiet, so I yelled from back at the table to “Turn on the music.”
DH: “Huh?”
Me: “Turn on some music.”
DH: “I can’t hear you.”
Me: really yelling now “Music.  You know, songs, tunes, lalala”
DH looks at McKinley, “What did grandma say?”
McKinley:  “She said she wants some music, songs, tunes.”
DH:  says in a rather annoyed tone.  “Well, why didn’t you say turn on the radio?”
     I know from experience, my eye twitch will go away eventually.  I just wish it would have waited a little longer to start.  Three hours from home is not very far.
     A little while later, McKinley joined me at the table and we played a game of what each animal says.  When we got to the owl, she said “Hoot-Hoot.”
     DH hollers from the front, “Where?  Where’s Hooters?”  I assume the sound of the letters in Hoot have the same sounds as a silent dog whistle to Richard, because he heard that coming from the whisper of a five-year-old.  BTW, DH normally stands for Dear Husband.  In my case, it stands for Deaf Husband.  If this keeps up, it could possibly stand for Dead Husband.  Don’t worry.  DH is safe with me, because I don’t like to drive the bus.
Here's a picture of McKinley hitchhiking just before we pulled out.  Yes, we are towing that truck with the slide-in camper.  AMTRAK has nothing on Richard.  The bunk is where Tiffany, Jey and McKinley will bunk while we are at Disney.  They will drive it home and leave my Jeep for us to have on the rest of out trip.

     We took very few pictures because things just moved so fast, but here is one of my favorite.
Ty, Brody, Drew and McKinley
     We covered a big amount of the Magic Kingdom all day Saturday and Sunday.   Tiffany and Jey took the kids to see the fireworks on Friday night.  Last night we watched the light parade and then headed back to the campground on a boat.  We got to watch the fireworks on the way home.  It was magical.  
      Saturday was my birthday.  I got a nice surprise of a beautiful box filled with things I love.  A journal, pens, scratch-off tickets.  The boys were trying to guess how old I am.  Suddenly, Brody asked me how old I was yesterday.   I said I was 65.  He said, “She’s 66.  I win.”  He gets that from his grandmother.   :-)
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  1. I'm glad you had a magical start and a wonderful vacation.

  2. I'm following you. When you get Richard to listen to you, I need you to work with my husband. LOL

  3. Wish I were with you. Well, not if you're going to Canada, but anywhere else, I could deal with. 😊

  4. Man, ya'll are brave! Love reading your posts and can't wait to see what adventures are ahead. Have fun and be safe! Hugs to all

  5. Starting my day with a laugh is the best. Love RW and the "Hooters" comment. Hope your vacation continues to be fun, even if you are 66 now.

  6. Love it!! I know Mama would have been following this, she always loved to hear about your adventures.

    1. Dee, I think of your mom often and miss her very much. Hope your dad is doing well. Love to all of you.

    2. He is doing great, he bought a pop up camper yesterday! He's quite the traveling man but I'm glad he stays busy. Love to you too!

  7. Too funny! I love your blogs Mrs. Wilson! Can't wait to read your next adventure! :)

  8. Glad to hear DH is Dear Husband and not Dead Husband. LOL