Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 21, 2015

Day # 18
Key West

     A beautiful Sunday morning dawned and the whole tribe was up and ready to go watch Gail, Ronnie, and brave, little Brody go parasailing.  Believe me, Grandma wasn’t happy, but Ty said flat out no, Drew was on a fence about it, but finally said no.  Brody was about to have a stroke begging to get to go.  Grandpa signed him up and away they went.
     Brody said he saw a sting ray when they got close to the water.  I asked if he had fun and he said yes.  I asked if he’d go again, he said he wasn’t sure.  J
Ronnie, Brodster, Gail
Also known as crazy people
     While that was going on (they were too far out to see them) I took a short walk to the old Customs Building.  It is a four-story building once used as a post office, district court and customs.  It is adjacent to the U.S. Naval base and has been the site of several historical events, most notably the inquiry into the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor in 1898.
     In 1932, the building was transferred to the US Navy.  When the Navy no longer needed the building, it was abandoned and sat unused for twenty years.  The State of Florida acquired the building and leased it to the Key West Art & Historical Society.  There are two floors that mix together two centuries of history, art, people, and events.
Customs House now serving as Key West
Art and Historical Society
     I didn’t have time to go through the museum, but there was the neatest exhibit done by J. Seward Johnson, an American artist noted for his life-size cast bronze sculptures.  I recognized the name, but not sure where I’d seen his work before.  I think it was in Chicago some years ago, but not sure.  Anyway, I remember being impressed with his talent, and I wasn’t disappointed by this display.
Even the suitcase looked perfect

These two were on a second-level
balcony.  They were so realistic
at first I thought they were real.

This one had to be about 20 feet tall
It stands in front of the gallery
     Later in the afternoon, Wynkin, Bynkin, and Nod went with Grandpa and Uncle Ronnie on an excursion out to sea, but not in a wooden shoe.  They glided over the surf at high rates of speed on jet skis.  I guess after parasailing, jet skiing was the most natural next step in death-defying stunts.  Grandma needs wine and lots of it.
Ty was still smiling here, but shortly after this, he and Uncle Ronnie
flipped on their sides.  I think Ty enjoyed that.  He groans when you
mention it, but he also has a big smile.  :-)
     Where we ate dinner was in an open restaurant called the Stoned Crab.  In Jacksonville we have many places to eat that extend over the water, and there are alligators swimming around the decks.  This place had sharks doodling around.  Crazy.
Jaws.  Several of them.
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  1. What a fantastic day everyone had. You are making such wonderful memories for Ty, Brody and Drew - and you too, of course,

  2. I haven't been to Key West and 30 something years. Thanks for taking me back

  3. This is a vacation these boys will never forget.

  4. You're the funnest grandparents ever!!!