Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 62--June 28, 2013

     Happy birthday to two special guys--Richard's brother, Ronnie and our baby boy, Brian.  38 years old today.  Doesn't seem possible.  Love you both and hope you had a great day.
     We finally left Fairbanks about 5:00 this afternoon.  We traveled 114 miles to a campground near the entrance of Denali National Park.  It took about three hours because there are forest fires causing smoke hazards and a patch of road construction we had to wait for the pilot truck to lead us through, but it wasn't too bad.
      We are only going to stop over here for the night, and tomorrow we'll be going into Anchorage to another friend's place for two days.  That friend, Tony, won't even be there, but when he stayed with us a couple of times last winter, he made sure Richard knew where his place was and even did arial views on the computer to show him right where to park.  He talked a lot about his place and I'm really looking forward to getting there.
     We had a really good time in Fairbanks, but I'm looking forward to cooler weather.  Where we are now is like 20 degrees cooler than Fairbanks.  There is a lot of smoke outside, but the mountains are beautiful.  Denali National Park is the park where Mt. McKinley is located.  Hope to get some pictures of the beautiful area tomorrow.

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