Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 58--June 24, 2013

          I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the Aurora Ice Hotel.  BTW, I learned something today from Lyle.  Believe me, I learn a lot from him.  He is a wealth of knowledge about almost every subject, and he makes it interesting to hear him tell the stories in his own words.  Everyone around here calls him the Old Homesteader.  Anyway, he said that the animal fur used for the seats in the bar is caribou.  Each hair is hollow and helps keep your tukus separated from the ices. 
          We had time to look around, then we were called into a very nice dining hall where we were treated to prime rib, baked halibut, baked potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers straight from the green houses where they grow vegetables all year round.   They had a sheet cake with a fisherman and stream.  They also had the neatest candle.  It spun, played Happy Birthday To You, and the center candle lights smaller ones on the petals. 

Birthday cake.  The red flower is the singing and spinning candle.
Dining Hall

Dining Hall
Richard said, "Close your eyes.  I have a big
surprise for you."  I turned around and came nose to nose
with Bullwinkle.
Lyle explaining something to Richard
Good Luck.  :-) 

Massage Hut
The healing waters of Chena Hot springs

          Today, back a Gene's house, the celebration continued.  We had fresh, fried halibut, smoked salmon, and all kinds of trimmings.  I fixed peach dumplings and bacon crisps.  Even though Lyle lives in Homer, he has heavy ties here in Fairbanks.  Friends and neighbors (also friends) came to Gene’s house to eat the yummy meal and visit with Lyle, who will probably be going home next week.  He always drives the eight hour drive by himself.   It was really nice to meet everyone and listen to the stories they told.

Lyle and his son, Gene

The Birthday Boy

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