Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 31, 2014

     Don't pay the ransom, I've escaped.  :-)  I know I haven't written for several days and it wasn't because I didn't have anything to write.  I was busy from morning to night.
     For three days, Jeannie and I did the same thing everyday.  That is not said with an inference to boring.  Not at all!!  For three days, however, we did resemble the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day.

July 28--San Marco area, Texas  Got into a campground run by people who really, really, really like for people to follow the rules especially when it comes to saving the environment.  The four of us are all for taking care of Earth for our grandchildren. 
     So, here are some of the rules:
·         No glass or styrofoam is permitted in the campground or on the river, so leave both at home!
·         No pets are permitted in the campground
·         No fireworks or firearms are permitted in the campgrounds.
·         Check-in is 3pm / Check- out is 12 noon.  11am for cabins/shelters/RV Rentals
·         Call for pricing for extra people & extra cars on sites & for info on how many are permitted per site.
·         Cabin & shelter parking is limited – 3 cars are allowed per cabin/shelter.
·         Prices & number of nights stay required are subject to change on holiday weekends.
·         Ground fires are prohibited in the RV sites.
·         Ground fires are allowed at campsites as long as there is no ban on fires in effect in the county.
It is a fineable offense to make a fire ring out of rocks within the New Braunfels city limits. This applies to the Double Rockin ‘R’ Campground ONLY. Please make note of this as the city will check periodically and fine those who are breaking the law.
     We had to wear arm bands the whole time we were in the campground, and we were told in no uncertain terms that if we lost it we would have to pay $10.00 for a new one.  They were adamant that we could only leave the park by the exit. However, we were sorta on a curved road and with the way things were laid out, there was no way for Richard to bend our 45 foot bus in half.
      As you come down the very narrow road to the campground, the first driveway is an exit.  We went to the next one which we made our way in just fine.  During the course of our stay, we walked by the exit and there, across the road, were those spikes that will puncture your tires if you come in the wrong way.  No gate.  No warning.  I kept thinking about the poor people who come in late at night, and took the first driveway.  Trust me, whether it is a motorhome or a bus, they do not give those tires away. 

Campsite along the Guadalupe River
       The park's saving grace was the beautiful Guadalupe River that flowed not too far from our site.  Jack and Jeannie went for walk and found a bunch of garbage along the bank of the river.  It sort of went against the park's Save the Planet campaign.
     What made our day like groundhog day:  Get up.  Dress.  Jeannie and I go shopping.  Find a quaint place for lunch like the tea room for soup and finger sandwiches.  Shop some more.  Go back to motorhomes. Decide what's for dinner.  Eat.  Talk.  Jack and Jeannie go to their home on wheels and Richard goes to bed. I sit before my laptop.  Fingers poised ready to write sharp, witty prose about our day.  The next thing I would know, I'd wake up with my keys from my keyboard embedded into my chubby cheeks and drool sliding over the keys.  It's a wonder I didn't short it out and catch my hair on fire.
     This is so sad, but I can hear some of you (who don't know me really well) saying that's funny.  Those who really know me are aghast, because they know that is a real possibility in my world.
     The next day, see What made our day like groundhog day (above).
     The next day, we moved to to a great campground on Lake Belton Dam. Very pretty place.
     One of Richard's classmates from Yulee, Florida lives in Belton.  They came to the campground and we fix hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  That was a lot of fun.  The next night we went a Mexican restaurant.  I have a great picture of them, but I can't get it uploaded.
     Thursday morning, Jack and Jeannie left for their home in Joplin, Missouri with a quick stop in Dallas to see their son and daughter and their families.  I hated to see them go, but the trip is about over for us too.  We had dinner with Bill and Kathie Herring.  She gave me several new recipes I can't wait to try out when I get home.  Richard and Bill reminisced about the good old days.  Kathie and I listened in once in the while, but mostly we carried on our own conversations about family and friends.  Thanks to Bill and Kathie for a great couple of days.
Kathie and Bill Herring
We had a great time with them.

     I've just discovered I cannot upload photos to this blog.  I'm going to go ahead and publish it and try to figure out what is wrong.
     Anyway, we are now in Houston.  I'll write again tonight and let you know what we did today and how it worked out for us.  As they say:  News at 11.

Until later,


  1. Drooling on your keyboard? Really? You have to stop that. Are the keyboard impressions permanent. LOL.

  2. They make little plastic shields for keyboards - you should look into getting one to prevent possible future shorts and shocks.

  3. Please don't electrocute yourself before you get home. :)