Monday, August 4, 2014

Bertie Byrd-Fortney Blog #1

     In just a few short weeks, Salt Run Publishing will re-release my series featuring a female tow truck driver in a little town in Georgia.  All three books will eventually be released, but the first one will be available in September.
Bertie of Sweet Meadow Series:
Book #1 Big Hair and Flying Cows
Book #2 Barking Goats and the Redneck Mafia
Book #3 Jail Bertie and the Peanut Ladies
     A couple of years ago, Bertie started a blog.  Over the next couple of days, I'll be posting her blog about a vacation she and her family took in a motorhome.  Hopefully, you will enjoy her ramblings and be ready to read her story from the beginning in Book #1 Big Hair and Flying Cows.  I'm very excited to be back in Bertie's world.  I hope you will be, too.


     My name is Bertie Byrd-Fortney.  I live in Sweet Meadow, Georgia.  A small town famous for creating the phrase a "Bertie Moment."  I don't really think of myself as a klutz, bad-luck magnet, or all-around jinx, but strange, off-the-wall things happen to me and those who dare come near me.
     I've been married for three years to a wonderful man, Arch Fortney.  His ten-year-old daughter, Petey, is now my very own precious daughter--legally and heart-strings wise.  Arch and I are also the proud parents of an active two-year-old baby girl, Lois Jamie, Lo.J. for short.
            I own and operate Bertie's Garage and Towing.  A well-established business passed on to me by my father.  All my life, the garage had been called Byrd and Sons.  My brothers chose other careers leaving their baby sister, Pop's only daughter, to work with our dad in the family business. 
From my mid teens until three years ago, I've worked side by side with Pop, with a steady stream of tune-ups, clogged carburetors, and the occasional sugar in the gas tank.  And, yes, that happens more often than you would think.  That seems to be the only retribution Donna Carson can think of when she finds her husband, Udell's, truck parked at one of the local motels.
Well, this is the short version of my life.  The rest, and sometimes embarrassing, details of what goes on in my world have been captured and retold by Dolores J. Wilson, in her Sweet Meadow Series.  I hate to admit it, but even I get a kick out of some of her interpretations of everyday life in small-town America.  Of course, I'd enjoy more of them if they didn't involve me.
Anyway, today is the first day of my Blog.  I never dreamed I be doing a blog on the internet, but I have a couple of terrific employees who do all the tow truck work like pulling wrecked cars out of ditches, or getting boats off of train over passes.  (Don't ask.)  Linc and Carrie Sue, my wonderful employees also do the mechanical work between wrecker calls.  When I mentioned to Carrie Sue that I was a little bored because she and Linc did all the physical work, she suggested I get a laptop, learn to use it, (very important), and then network to bring business to us.  I believe she said I should move into the Twenty-first century, like it or not.  I quickly learned that I liked the Internet and all the benefits like 
So, now, I'll be blogging every time something interesting happens.  I hope you will check back often and let me hear from you about what is going on in your world.

May your day be tow truck free
And filled with heartfelt laughter.

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