Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Letter From My Publisher--Salt Run Publishing

Everyone’s Favorite Lady Tow Truck Driver is Back. 

She’s back, I tell you. (Quick, call everyone you know, and spread the word.) 

Bertie Byrd-Fortney is once again behind the steering wheel of her beloved wrecker, Bessie, as her first hilarious book Big Hair and Flying Cows will be available in digital and print soon. 

***** Read all the way to the bottom for a very cool special offer ****

I'm so honored that Dolores Wilson chose Salt Run Publishing as Bertie's new home. I've loved Bertie's stories since they first released. In fact, I remember my mother reading them to me as a child. Just kidding, but if they'd been available then, she surely would have. I never dreamed I'd one day be offered the opportunity to re-release them to Bertie's loyal fans, and to an entire new crop of fans yet to be. 

All three books will have new, hilarious covers, and Big Hair and Flying Cows will have a huge chunk of bonus, all-new content! 

Big Hair and Flying Cows, the first of the series, will release in digital in early September. The print version will release shortly thereafter, and we hope to have Barking Goats and the Redneck Mafia, and Jail Bertie and the Peanut Ladies available by the end of October.  

Bertie's "official" re-debut will take place at the Ancient City Romance Authors' Conference on the Beach in St. Augustine, FL , September 26-27. On Friday evening, September 26, Salt Run Publishing will host a "launch" reception for Bertie and Dolores. (We really hope both show up) We hope our friends will join us there. You can find out more about the conference at the link above, or here. 

And now for a special offer just for Bertie fans. . .  

Dolores is giving her fans an exclusive opportunity to grab a free copy of Big Hair and Flying Cows before it releases! If you want a copy of your own, hop over to Salt Run Publishing right now and enter your name and email address so we can let you know when you can get yours. (We're sending Bertie to the spa for a full relaxing beauty workover before we put her back to work! But we'll alert you the minute she's ready to greet her fans.) 

But there's more . . . 

We're not going to ask you for your name and email address without giving you something in return right now. So Dolores has partnered with her friend, bestselling author Elizabeth Sinclair, to give you a free copy of Elizabeth's very first novel, Jenny's Castle! 2014 is the twentieth anniversary of Jenny's Castle, and we're releasing it with a beautiful new cover and bonus content!

So hop over to Salt Run Publishing this minute for: 

- Your free copy of Jenny's Castle (with beautiful new cover and bonus content!) right now;

- Notification of a free download of Big Hair and Flying Cows (with gorgeous, hilarious new cover and bonus content!) as soon as it's available. 

We hope you enjoy riding alongside Bertie on her adventures as much as we have!

Kellie Sharpe, Owner
Salt Run Publishing LLC

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  1. I already have a copy of Jenny's Castle (snicker), but I sure want to renew my acquaintance with Bertie. I have loved Bertie since Dolores first created her and, If she was a real person, I just know we'd be friends. And now to have a brand new section to read..... I'm definitely getting my copy.