Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Home for 5 people for 4 weeks

     Just a quick Friday night note.  Here are a few pictures of the inside of our bus so you can see how 5 of us managed for the 4 weeks we were gone.  Several of my readers asked how we slept and basically survived in cramped quarters.  First of all, it's 45-ft. long.

     This is standing in the kitchen looking through the bathroom back to the bedroom.  On the left you can see part of the refrigerator, then the potty-room door.  The thing attached to the wall with the red cup on top of it is my fold down desk.  During the day, it stayed folded down, but after the boys and Richard went to bed, I closed the bedroom door and the door that separates the kitchen from the bathroom.  Then I set up my desk and wrote the blogs I posted pretty much every night.

     Here is a picture of the table folded out.  I'd put my laptop on it (which was stored in one of the bins above the desk) and set up a padded folding chair and write to my hearts content or SKYPE, depending on what kind of mood I was in.  LOL

       Here is a picture taken from the kitchen area facing the front of the bus.  The 3 bunks are on the left.  This was after we got home, so they are stripped of the linens.  Ty slept on the top, then Brody, then Drew on the bottom.  We added bars so they wouldn't roll out in case they fell asleep going down the road.  They had room at the foot of their bunk for Ipods and notebooks and things like that.  Temporarily, we took out the sofa.  So, the bunks didn't take up any more room then the sofa did.
     Yesterday, Richard took Brody to St. Augustine to visit with my dad.  For those of you who don't know, he is in a nursing home and is deeply suffering from dementia.  Somehow he always remembers my husband immediately.  Last week when I went to visit, he said he knew I was Dolores because I had a guest name tag on my chest.  Well, at least he can still read.
     Anyway, here's a picture of Dad and Brody.  Both are missing their teeth.  

Dad (88 years old)--Brody (7 years old)
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  1. I think my house is only 40 feet long - a bit wider than your bus, but shorter. And stationary, of course - the bus is far more versatile.

  2. I see photos of these tiny houses people now live in because they're trying to reduce their carbon footprints and I'm thinking we RVers are way ahead of our time. Although just two of us, we could stay in our old 24 ft Lazy Daze mini-motor home for weeks and manage just fine.