Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3, 2015

Home again-home again, jiggity-jig

     Every time Richard and I return from one of our travels, I am faced with the worse part of the whole adventure.  UNPACKING AND CLEANING THE BUS.  There is something about being in the confined area with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide that makes me burst out the bus door and breathe Tison Road air.  Then I don’t want to go back into the bus.  I’ve tried yelling, “you can’t make me.”  But that doesn’t really work.
     Soooo, I do a little each day.  We totally take everything out of the bus including all refrigerator and freezer goods.  We leave no clothes in there.  No boxed or canned food.  So it is quite an ordeal to get everything out.  I pack things in boxes, bags, and baskets.  Richard carries it in and sets it on the dining room table, chairs and floor.      Then I get to unpack and put all that away and do any laundry not done while we were traveling.  I then take the baskets, etc. back to the bus the next day and refill them, all the while singing—I loaded 16 tons, and what do I get?  Another day older and deeper in debt.
     Over the years, I have learned that if we were gone four weeks, like we were this time, then it takes 4 days to clean out the bus.  
     Tomorrow will be day four, and true to form, I should be able to finish it up before 4 of the grandkids arrive for our mini- 4th of July celebration.  At least I hope I'll be done.  :-P 
     Several of you have asked how the 5 of us fit comfortably into the bus for 4 weeks.  I’ll take a few pictures after I get it all cleaned up and post them.
Long may it wave
     I want to wish all of you a very safe Fourth of July.  I hope your celebrations with friends and family brings you all the happiness in the world. 
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  1. Back at ya on the 4th wishes. I'm so glad you're home and safe and that you had a great time. Not only will the kids remember this trip, but you will, too. Hope you survive the unpacking packing and unpacking. <3

  2. Happy Fourth to you too. We just sat on the deck of my little rental and watched a solid hour and a half of fireworks all around us. It was amazing.