Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015

     As I told you yesterday, it was National Nude Day.  July 12th, was National Pecan Pie day.  It reminded me I've been trying to develop a Pecan Pie without using corn syrup.  I decided it would be a good time to work on that. 
     I replaced the corn syrup with maple syrup, brown sugar, heavy cream, and a tablespoon of molasses.  To tone down some of the sweetness, I made a layer of cream cheese, sugar and egg.  I got the idea from a recipe I used to make many years ago.  It was called Mystery Pecan Pie and I loved it, but I quit making it when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  What makes it a mystery is the way the ingredients are layered.
     I put the cream cheese layer in first, then chopped pecans, and then the syrup mixture.  When the pie was finished baking the syrup layer was on the bottom, the cream cheese second, and the pecans on the top.  It turned out beautifully, but it wasn't the traditional Pecan Pie.  I would have to call it My Surprise Maple Pecan Pie. 
     The complete recipe needs work, but hopefully I will be able to tweak it and add it to my collection of recipes for my Sweet Meadow Baptist Church Cookbook.  Producing a cookbook with recipes donated by the Sweet Meadow, Georgia citizens to raise money for the First Baptist Church, is a dream I plan to make come true.  I'm sure Bertie's next door neighbor, Barbie, would donate My Surprise Maple Pecan Pie recipe.  She tends to be surprising and mixed up.  LOL

Layers of the pie

My Surprise Maple Pecan Pie

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  1. It sounds delicious. Surprising or not.

  2. Anything you bake is delicious. Rachel makes a pecan pie that isn't traditional, either, and doesn't use corn syrup. It's almost like a custard pie. I need to get her recipe and give it a try, although all baking is a challenge for me. LOL