Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 131--September 5, 2013

          Today our travels took us from Evanston, Wyoming to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We passed a monument for Abraham Lincoln in a rest area at the highest point of the Lincoln Highway.  There are very few places we've traveled that haven't left an impression on me, but this area of the West is special.
          At the risk of being thought crazy (I am fully aware that ship has sailed) but I love looking at the rock formations and pick out things that look like other things. I'm positive I saw Granny Clampett carved in the side of one of the rock formations.  I also love watching cloud formations.  So, today I had a great time looking at very differently shaped clouds.  Here are some of the sights we saw today.  Please keep in mind all but Abe himself was taken by me out the side window of the bus at 75 mph.  I don't think they turned out to bad.
Abe at the highest summit of Lincoln Highway

Clouds and rock formations along the way.

The field below these windswept clouds is filled with sagebrush bushes

Some have yellow flowers on them

Tomorrow night I'll tell you about the place where we are camping tonight.  It is very dear to my heart.
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  1. Beautiful photos, Dolores. What a fantastic trip you are having.