Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 130--September 4, 2013

       The past two days have been travel days.  The weather's been really nice.  No rain.  Lots of sunshine.  We've been through Washington, Idaho, Utah and now we are in Wyoming.  The scenery was beautiful.
Somewhere in Utah

Taken from bus window at 75 MPH in Utah.

          We came into Wyoming on I-80 and then changed to the business route of that road to get to our campground.  It turns out that this part of the interstate is part of the Lincoln Highway.       Okay, I admit it—I never heard of the Lincoln Highway.  So, I owe this blog to my friend Marian Sutton.  She and her husband, Bobby/George just spent some time here in the same campground.  She told me that there was a celebration going on for the Lincoln Highway.  Of course, I had to look it up.  I found it pretty interesting.

          The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental improved highway for automobiles to cross the US.  It was thought of in 1912 and formerly dedicated in 1913.  At the time of the original dedication, the highway went from Time Square in New York to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.  The first officially recorded length of the entire route in 1913 was 3,389 miles.

The Lincoln Highway was our first national memorial to President Lincoln.  The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. wasn’t dedicated until 1922.  The highway brought prosperity to the cities and towns it passed through.  It became known as “The Main Street Across America.”

     The Lincoln Highway Association, which was originally established in 1913 to plan, promote, and sign the highway, was re-formed in 1992 and is now dedicated to promoting and preserving the road.  The Lincoln Highway is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Richard and I spent a few minutes looking at the photos of old automobiles on the highway.  That was fun. 

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  1. I bet the photos of the old cars were as fascinating as the views out your windows, which based on this photos, were spectacular!

    A great uncle I never knew joined several of his friends in a cross country race in his youth, driving over the Lincoln Highway only a few years after it was completed.

  2. Do you happen to have any pictures of your uncle's trip? That would be something to see.

  3. We've traveled parts of the Lincoln Highway. If you stop at the rest area on I-80 about midway through Wyoming, there is a museum about it that offers interesting history exhibits as well as great views.

  4. Thanks, Cheri. We will probably do that. And of course you and I always travel the same roads. LOL