Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hi everyone,

     Don’t pay the ransom—I’ve escaped.  I spent 3 ½ days with 3 grandsons.  It was non-stop activities to keep them out of trouble.  Excuse me . . . I mean, to entertain them.  We had water balloon fights.  We spread shaving cream on a table and they finger painted until they got bored, and then they painted each other.
     2 were due at a birthday from 1-3.  The 3rd one went with me to the Dollar General (his request).  There we bought a bunch of things to put into a treasure chest.  He and I stopped by the Dairy Queen on the way back to the house.  We did all the treasure hunt clues, hid them.  Set up the 3 bags of junk, candy, and more junk and placed them in the treasure chest at the end of the hunt.
     Yesterday, we were going to take them to Huguenot Park and let them walk on the beach and find sea shells (which I bought at the Dollar General).  Before we got out of bed, rain settled in and stayed the biggest part of the day.  When I asked the boys if they’d want to go anyway, Drew (8) said he was still tired from the day before.  Ty (10) said he didn’t want to get wet and maybe get hit by lightning and then he began to explain how that could happen in what I am sure was a perfect scientific explanation that would have made Dr. Sheldon Cooper proud.  I, on the other hand, did my best Penny impersonation as I tilted my head, scrunched up my face and asked, “Huh?”  The third grandson, Brody (6) said he was ready to go and headed for the door.  Unfortunately, I had the painful duty of explaining to him that he had been out voted 4-1.
     Actually, to be 3 kids cooped up in the house on a rainy day, we all came out of it with no battle scars.  Of course, the 10 year old announced a couple of times that he had all he could stand of his brother and cousin making so much noise.  Ty went on the covered back porch, watched it rain and talked to the cat.  I watched him from the sliding glass door for a few minutes. I think he had a pretty good idea.  When he came in, Grandma Wilson went out and talked to the cat.

Until later

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