Monday, January 2, 2012

Where do I get my ideas from?

People are always asking me how I come up with some of my ________ ideas.  Please pick from one of the following to fill in the blank:  good, bad, crazy, off the wall.  Honestly, I do have strange ideas, and they seep into almost every aspect of my live. 
I’m a published author, and my writing spans from Southern Women’s Humor about a female tow truck driver in a small town in Georgia to a dark fiction about an abused woman who kills her husband.  In the middle of that mix are a few mysteries and even a paranormal romance.
I’ve been known to throw theme parties from elegant dinner affairs to an author/agent reception for my local romance writers’ chapter.  Every room in my house was decorated to represent a different romance genre—a Medieval Faire, Murder on the Orient Express, Little House on the Prairie.
I’ve also been known to feed full-scale meals for anywhere from 25 to 50 people out of the small kitchen in our recreational vehicle.  Or, 225 people in our barn when I celebrated my twenty-ninth annual twenty-ninth birthday.  I’ll do the math for you.  I was turning 58.
Those are the kinds of ideas people always want to know where in my brain they come from.  I think it is an affliction caused by the paste I ate in the first grade.  That’s about the only thing I haven’t heard named as cause for our health decline in later years.  But I’m thinking I might be on to something.  You be the judge.
How do you come up with your ideas?   
Dolores J. Wilson


  1. Love it, Dolores! I'm often asked the same question. In fact, I've blogged about it a time or two.

  2. Wonderful! I never ate paste, but a few times I did sniff the glue.

  3. Great blog, Dolores! I don't recall eating paste, but I inhaled deeply every time they passed out mimeographed papers - I wonder if that accounts for the odd kick in my gait?


  4. Marilee, Kathy, Skye, thanks for chiming in. Check back often.

  5. Weren't we separated at birth? *LOL* I didn't eat paste or sniff glue, though. I used to eat my niece's teething biscuits, and were they hard! Not sure it affected my mind, but it certainly did my teeth!

    As for where I get ideas for my writing, I can honestly say everywhere. My good friend (the late Marv Jones) and I were training for a marathon. We were doing a twenty miler, running on Scott's Mill Road in Mandarin and it was dark. We entered Forest Circle and the headlights of a car suddenly blinded us. Who was that guy? Why was he speeding away so early on a Saturday morning? Maybe he killed someone. The what-ifs grew and we built on the story to pass the time while we ran. Ten years later it was my first draft for what would become RUNNING SCARED.

  6. Heh. You had me at "I celebrated my twenty-ninth annual twenty-ninth birthday."

  7. Tryng this again... I didn't eat paste or sniff glue or mimeograph sheets. I didn't need to. I have you to help me generate crazy ideas. Great blog, DJ

  8. Thanks everyone. This may turn out to be fun. I told Kellie she may have created a monster, but now I'm thinking maybe a blog diva. :-))

  9. Blog Diva for sure!

    I don't know where the ideas come from, but I will tell you this. When I get one, Providence moves! Case in point. My current WIP involves an old rehabbed factory building in Minneapolis (where I once lived--the city, not the building). Well, I'm in Chicagoland, so I can't just run over to see what one looks like. Then, on the TV news, one of the local reports had a story on someone who has rehabbed an old macaroni factory building here. And I have all the info I need. Plus, I never knew they made macaroni in a factory. An industrial kitchen, yes, factory, no.

    Go with the paste story. It works too.

  10. DJ, Wow, what a great creative hostess and writer you are! You just go out there and "Do it!"