Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thirty-seven Years and Counting

Richard and I just celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary.  That was a bitter-sweet realization for me.  It was sweet to think that we’d held our marriage together (with the help of a lot of love and duct tape) for 37 years.  The bitter part was when I realized I’d been married for thirrrrrty-sevvvven years.  That’s a lonnnnng time.
But looking back over that many years, I would say our greatest accomplishments had to do with family.  Five adult children (2 from Richard’s previous marriage and 3 of our own), 9 grandchildren (ranging in ages from 22 months to 18 years).  Except for our oldest son and our oldest granddaughter (who live in California and Central Florida, respectfully,) we have our entire family within seven miles of our house.
I remember being a young mother and having a hard time finding a babysitter when I needed one.   It makes me very happy to have my little munchkins around me for two reasons:  I’m glad to know that their mom and/or dad can do something for themselves and not worry about their kids.  The second reason is I spend most of my time laughing at the antics these little people come up with.  They are so much smarter than me.  They give me a run for my money.
Granted, I collapse in my recliner as soon as they leave, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.
How about you?  How long have you been married or single?  What is the highlight of that marriage or the time you’ve been single?  Would you change any of it?
Later, Dolores


  1. Well, in June, Bob and I will be celebrating 50 years. And you thought 37 years was a looong time. We too have had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't change a minute. He's my bestfriend, confidant,and staunch supporter and life wouldn't be the same without him. I guess, aside from our wedding day, the highlights would be the births of our three children, then each grandchild (now totaling 5 -- ages 28 to 3 months) and then the news that we will be great grandparents in August. It doesn't get any better than that.

  2. When my Bob and I observed our first wedding anniversary, I couldn't wrap my head around a tenth one, or even five years. Not that I didn't want to be married to him; I did. It's just that when you're 23, a twenty-ninth wedding anniversary seems forever away.

    This year is year twenty-nine. And thirty-seven and fifty seem like forever away to me now but I know they'll be here before I know it.

    Would I change anything? Yep. The three years we were separated. The events that brought us back together strengthened our relationship and our commitment to each other, but those are three precious years I'll never get back. Of course, it sweetens the time we have left.

    Twenty-nine, or thirty-seven, or fifty years is a lot of time to share with one person. Yeah, I have days I want to strangle him (and he has days he wants to strange me) but I'll take that any day over never knowing what it was like to be this loved.

  3. How can you all stand someone so long? I didn't even make it to 4.

    Thankfully I was able to tolerate my children. The 27 year old just moved back last year.

  4. Brent and I are working on 14 years in March. During the course of our marriage, he has matured and I seem to have immatured...but hey, that's what keeps it fun (and keeps him guessing!) Fortunately, he is not completely opposed to purple hair and belly button rings :-/
    Oh my, did I say too much...?

  5. I'm 37, 29, or 50. That's a terrific achievement. I made it to 15, but I've been a widow even longer - almost 24 years. Not that I wouldn't have (or still don't) looked forward to finding another lover and friend to share my life. The best accomplishment of my life is, hands down, the four wonderful children I brought into this world and taught how to be the terrific loving, adults they are now. I've got 12 grandchildren and I love them all very much, but can't claim I had much to do with who they are. I just get to spoil them, as is the right of every grandparent. Now and then, I look back as anyone does and wish I'd done this differently or that, but in hindsight, the mistakes only made me a stronger better person and I can't think of any better place I'd rather be than where I am right now.