Friday, June 3, 2016

May 28, 2016
Nanton, Alberta, Canada
     WELL, we made it across the Canadian border and didn’t have to be searched.  Yay! Anyone not familiar with the story of Richard and I crossing the Canadian border at Niagara Falls a few years ago, please click on the following link:
     I think I may finally be able to blog about our journey.  Believe me, I have a lot to write about, but have been having too much fun to blog at the end of the day.  Since we have made this trip four previous times, and I wrote about each day of those trips, it is hard to find new things to write about, but maybe I have made a little head way. 
     This week has been a little sad for me, my sister and my kids.  My dad passed away on the 22nd of May, my niece Crissy, passed away on May 24, 2013 and we buried her on the same date our mother had passed away May 28, a few years before.
     On a happier note, today is Howard’s birthday (Richard’s brother who is 12 years older than him).
     Let me take care of a little business here, and I’ll be good to go.  I’d like to ask that each of you share my posts with the links to my blog.  I have a project in mind, and I’d like to reach as many readers as possible with my blog.  Also, LIKE when possible and, if you don’t mind, leave me comments.  I’d love to know who is following me.  Hopefully, I might be reminded of a snippet or story, which I can use in my blog.
     Having said that, JACK AND JEANNIE DICKSON, we just passed the antique store in Nanton, Alberta where the owner said he loved Earl Scruggs and I told him he had just spent the weekend at my house. Richard printed out a picture of me and Earl in my dining room.  Somehow the man found out I was a published author, so he had me sign the picture.  Before we left he had it framed and hanging behind the cash register.  Richard stopped the bus and went to look in the window of the shop to see if it was still hanging there.  It was closed and he couldn’t see inside.  Oh well, I bet it is still hanging in there somewhere.  J

     As I post every day, I’ll be telling you where we are that day, but I’d also like to catch up on some of the people, places and things we have done to this point.
     Every year, Richard and I go to Lincolnton, Georgia for two events we enjoy very much.  We get there a few days before the Little Roy Lewis and Lizzy Long Bluegrass Festival.  Richard does what he can to help get ready for the festival, which starts Thursday.  As usual, we had so much fun seeing old friends and making new ones. 
Old Friends Bill and Shelley Huckaby
     The following week (always Mother’s Day weekend) Jeff and Sheri Easter host a gospel sing at the Lewis Family Home Place.  Richard has helped them build the RV park which is now open for reservations.
Lizzy Long and you can see
 Little Roy to right

The man with the bib overhaul
is one of Little Roy's Brothers,
Talmadge Lewis  from Augusta
On the right in the plaid shirt, is Jeff's Uncle
Russell Easter.  He, along with Jeff's dad, James,
and their other brother Edd formed the long-standing group
The Easter Brothers.

Here's Jeff Easter on the stage
He and Sheri are such a cute couple
     Every year, Peggy Faucett, from Hawkinsville, Georgia, cooks every night of the festival for the entertainers and volunteers at the festival to eat at Jeff and Sheri’s home after the concert.  Peggy is phenomenal.  She lays out a different, several-item buffet for all three nights.  Shortly before the show is over for the night, she and I sneak off and go back to Sheri’s house and get all the food warmed and ready to serve.  
     Other than eating Peggy’s wonderful, culinary delights, I love meeting the entertainers and other interesting people who come to eat.  This year I met the Nelons.  A beautiful mother, her husband, and two daughters with perfect voices.   
Kellie Nelon, Peggy Faucett, Amber and Autumn
at Jeff and Sheri's house.
     While we are on the subject of Peggy, I’m so very proud of her.  She has lost about 127 pounds and, as she says, she’s half the woman she used to be. I have to control myself not to smack her.  LOL 
     This year I met a lady I won’t soon forget.  When Anne Beiler was introduced to me as the lady who founded Aunt Anne’s Soft Pretzels, I told her she was responsible for the size of my right thigh.  She said something along the lines that most people blamed her for their whole body.  I told her no, that my left thigh belonged to Krispy Kreme.
Me and Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels
Founder Anne Beiler

     Over the next couple of days, I discovered she was an author.  She’d written the story of her life and how, after an unthinkable tragedy, Anne went from an Amish wife and mother, making soft pretzels in the local Amish market to building a business of near 1,000 franchises of Aunt Anne’s Soft Pretzels.  Her book, TWIST OF FAITH, is available at If you get a chance, read it.  You will never forget it.     One quick added note, while working alongside Anne during her years of building her pretzel business, her husband worked as a counselor providing free services for troubled marriages and teenagers and others.  He later was the first grief counselor to arrive on the scene of the Amish School shooting, which took place five miles from their home.  He has written a book about the event, which is on top of my TBR pile. Jonah Beiler's book, THINK NO EVIL, is also available at
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